The funeral was over and the family had departed, leaving him alone in the huge house. A house which was the love and the pride of his late father. He went into the study to get away from the avalanche of memories that were flooding his mind. But like the living room, this also was the personification of his father.

A welcoming fire burning in the fireplace.The painting of his father hung on the wall behind the mental piece. The nobility of his features, the kindness in his eyes showed what sort of man he was. There was a lump in his throat. But he was not going to grieve anymore. His father had spent his life well and had died with dignity.

On a whim he opened the upper drawer of the desk and found himself staring at the pocket watch which was residing there. The watch his father always wore with such panache and style. His eyes were filled with tears as he lifted the watch out of the velvet tray in the drawer and took it in his hand. There was a date carved on the back of the watch with his mother’s loving message.” With all my love, on our 25th anniversary ” .



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