What do you see March 5-2019

She stared intently at the key. It was the”Key” that would solve all her problems if it belonged to her. But it didn’t. She should not have taken it. But her ambition and dreams had made her do it. But now she felt the guilt. The dressing room of the leading lady was locked and she had stolen the key. Now whole of the cast was thrown into a disarray, everyone was scrambling around to find the key. She desperately wanted to get the lead role and worked hard for it but it went to her rival, the girl with whom she had been in competition since they enrolled in the drama school together. And now she was debating with herself, what to do next?

With a decisive shake of her head, she let out a shout, ” Hey I found the key, it was under the dresser”

Written in response to;

What do you see;

Challenge by Hélène Vaillant



14 thoughts on “What do you see March 5-2019

  1. A well written story Sadje. You surprised me with the ending. I was sure she was going to make the key disappear, throw it away so it would not be found…lol

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