Tell the story challenge # 15

Dr Tanya of SaltedCaramel has tagged me to tell a story about this picture.

The beach was deserted which was so strange at this time of the year. Usually this place was teeming with people enjoying the sun and the surf.

The reason because apparent soon, as the rep from the advertising agency stepped forward and said, ” It’s a wrap”. The camera man stopped shooting the deserted beach and it was a signal to the people standing and watching the shooting of the commercial. They were soon all over the place. A woman strolled to the guy in charge and said to him, “I have a suggestion for you” the man looked up from his phone and looked expectantly towards her.” If you are aiming to attract people to visit this place, you should have shot the commercial with people in it, as I see it . The way you have shot it just gives it a Haunted look. I would never opt to pay money to visit this place if I saw your ad!

There was a baffled expression on his face and he scratched his head.”It was the demand of the traveling agency” he said apologetically.

Written in response to;

Tell the story Challenge

By Dr Tanya of Salted Caramel

Now I am going to give a Photo Prompt, but it is open to anyone who wants to write a story about it, thanks.



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