Double standards

The meeting of the writer’s guild was in full swing. The speaker on the stage was very forcefully expressing his views.” We won’t be the victim any longer. This piracy of the content should stop” he paused and took a sweeping view of the hall. There were many people here , who he knew to be guilty of plagiarism and piracy. But he didn’t want to point any fingers.” We need to play for the same teamhe emphasized.

As he finished his speech there was a prolonged round of applause for him. People came forward to congratulate him on his well prepared and well delivered address. But when the votes were counted, most people had abstained from casting their votes and the motion to make stricter laws was not carried through.

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13 thoughts on “Double standards

      1. a student can be immediately penalised or expelled, lecturers claim they ‘discovered’ it while it’s obviously taken straight from their student! One Ethics Prof who should know better even did it 😦

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