Writing prompt #9

Let me tell you how lucky I really am because I see the bright side of life(usually). I see the glass as half full, and not half empty. As I might have said before, ( I am quite guilty of repeating myself on occasions), I feel that optimism is a great gift to any human being. It is an in-built mechanism which enables people like me to look for the silver lining in any given situation. It might be a dark time, it may be sad time and the circumstances may be despondent, but the optimist will try to find something in it to be, if not happy, than to be less sad. Having said that, it is not always necessary that the optimist will be happy at all times and in all situations but they usually try.

So as I said I am lucky to be born with this attitude, but people can also cultivate this trait in their personality by taking a less gloomy view of life. Being practical, we all know the life is full of disappointments and failures. When things go south, we can either feel despondent or we can brush the failure and disappointment away and rolling up our sleeves, get back to working to put things right again.

Be hopeful, be positive and be upbeat!

Written in response to;

Writing Prompt #9

By; Sarah Elizabeth Moore


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