Prompt me, Do!! Within these pages….

Another of Rory, AKA Bloke’s Prompt

A fantasy world

“I am staring at this fascinating image and my mind is going in circles. I might be mistaken but it looks like a book on adventure. Thing look huge to me because I am a tiny fly. But, boy I would surly like to visit this amazing place. It’s high in the sky, mysterious and magical. The picture looks too good to be real”

The fly moves a bit closer, curious as to the reality of the book. Now it could feel the tiny droplets of water from the waterfall at the edge of the page. It felt pleasant because it was a hot day. Now inching near the outer cover of the book, it slowly creeps towards the center of the flowing river.

Slam! Gotcha! The book slammed with a loud band and the poor fly squished in the pages. A high price to pay for the curiosity.

Written for;

Oh, Prompt me, Do!!

Within These Pages


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