Sunday Writing Prompt; Faith restored

With all the negativity in the world at the moment I thought we could all take a moment to recognize the heroes in our lives, people who have restored our faith in humanity when all hope seemed lost.

You need not know the person personally just so long as they had an impact on your life or the life of someone near and dear to you.


There is still hope for the humanity. We are usually looking at the negative aspects of live and taking the positives as our due. We should sit up and look around us to see how much kindness people show to each other.

The overwhelming picture presented to us by the media all over the world shows war, misery and aggression. What is mostly ignored are the little acts of kindness and love shown by ordinary people towards each other. Why? Because they don’t creat sensationalism. They don’t increase the ratings of the new networks. But we have our senses intact. We should observe these lovely gestures and that lifts our spirits. Gives us hope that not everything is doomed. Not everyone is bad.

We usually donate our unused and gently used clothes , toys and other household stuff at Goodwill and when I go there it gives me such a warm feeling to see a constant stream of people who are bringing in stuff for donations. The people in charge at these collection points are mostly volunteers and are so helpful and polite.

Hope is very much alive. And so is kindness and love. Just overshadowed by the publicity hungry media.

Keep on hoping!

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Sunday Writing Prompt;

Faith Restored




14 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt; Faith restored

  1. This is such a wonderful post. Every day, people perform incredible acts of kindness, generosity and heroism. Sadly, as you say, these are not generally considered newsworthy but that doesn’t mean we can’t acknowledge them ourselves. I’m grateful to you for the reminder 👍☺️

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  2. Perhaps we are all partially to blame for the way news stories are told. After all, news items are picked as a result of ratings etc. And as human beings we are drawn to the drama played out on our television screens (mainly, but more on more on computer screens as well).

    How much attention would be paid to funding coverage of the ridiculous rantings of fools if we didn’t watch or read such stories?

    I agree, the positive stories too often are ignored or shuffled to the back page or reduced to tiny millisecond sound bytes.

    Hope is alive, as is kindness, compassion, and the inherent goodness of humanity. Sometimes I fast from news stories to help me focus on that instead of the steady diet of doom, gloom, and negativity spoon fed us by media.

    thanks for reminding us once again that people are good.

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