Sunday Whirl

Wordle # 393

He wanted to delete that smug look off the face of his boss when he handed him the memo telling him that he had to fire his personal assistant because she was a liar. He said that this decision mocked the company’s laws. His assistant was not a liar and in fact was always telling the truth. The boss wasn’t convinced by his earnest words. He mocked him for being a weak person who didn’t have the guts to do his job properly. ” I wasn’t born yesterday” he said, his anger mounting.” Please note that I have worked in this firm as long as you have and I don’t support corrupt practices like many other I can name. You won’t catch me ruining the life of an honest and promising young lady” With this speech he stormed out of his boss’s office.

Written in response to;

Sunday Whirl

Wordle #393




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