Three Things Challenge PL#16



A beautiful plate of fresh salad sprinkled with herbs and grated cheese can be a replacement for lunch any day of the week. I love the pre-prepared boxes available in most grocery stores, all ready to eat with a small plastic ford thoughtfully provided in the same package. I specially love those which have a small sachet of nuts to spread on the top. This gives more nutrition to the salad and also satisfies the palate with adding a crunch to the meal. Another easy and nutritious snack/ lunch replacement are the yogurt packs, with fruit and crunchy nuts etc included. I do have some reservations about the sweetened yogurt as the sugar content is quite high.

Round off this meal with a cup of either hot coffee or tea or you can get a drink of cold water or soda. I really don’t get sodas as the caloric count of soda is very high and the carbonated drink makes it the ideal vehicle to be absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream and rise the glucose levels. Even diet sodas are not free from their own harmful effects.

When watching calories it is best to stay away from hot food, at least during mid-day meal because hot food like paninis, pizzas of burgers cause an increase in appetite and we eat more than required.





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16 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge PL#16

  1. Interesting hot food theory. All those you mentioned are very high in calories anyway. I like Lean Cuisines for lunch. Though they’re salty, they are small, contain protein, and are satisfying (to me). Plus, the portion is controlled. But salad is always a good choice, as long as it doesn’t have too much meat or dressing all over it. 🙂

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