Magic of Music

Are you feeling a bit out of it? A bit sad or nostalgic, for no apparent reason! I do that from time to time. There may be reasons embedded in our subconscious mind but we aren’t immediately aware of them. To me it feels like the iridescence of my spirit is dulled a bit. The shine and shimmer of my soul is submerged under a dust of self doubt or it could be unknown, unrealized fears which have this effect on me. In these cases, I would do something which works like magic for me. I would play some music which is full of good beat, uplifting and happy. It is a wonder how music has a therapeutic effect in such cases. I am learning which music genre works best in a certain mood for me. I must admit that I am partial to music so it works for me but I think if we open our mind to the healing and soothing power of happy tunes, we all do benefit from it!

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