A journey—— Where in the world?

The heat was intense. And he had been traveling for all day in this sand and heat. The sand was everywhere he looked. But that had to be expected as it was the largest desert in the world, the Sahara desert. The ride on the camel back was not to be compared with horseback riding. It took a lot of time to get used to it.

Finally the reached their destination, from which they would travel by road to Rabat, capital of Morocco. He was hired by the National Geographic to take pictures of the life aspects in different parts of this African nation. The job was well paid so he was willing to put up with all the discomfort it involved. It also satisfied his wanderlust. Even as a child he has longed to travel to see the world and this job provided excellent opportunity for it.

After washing off the sand of the desert, he headed out to explore the beautiful old city.

In the streets there were people gathered on different spots.He heard strains of soothing music playing which was very unfamiliar to him. But he felt as if tired body and mind were soothed by it.

The architecture of the city was intriguing and captivating. The buildings were of a fascinating design and he loved the blue hue of used in the outer paint of many areas of the city.

Written for; Where in the world

A tag created by Rory of A Guy Called Bloke.


14 thoughts on “A journey—— Where in the world?

          1. you kept in context so that’s good … I thrive on challenging stereotypes but I’ve done that frequently in real life so want to encourage other women to step up and do it too … nothing can change if we don’t try 🙂

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