Tale Weaver #212; Fairytale February 28

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This week write a Fairy Tale using the following title.

The Fairy With the Broken Wing

Go where your ideas take you.

Please limit your responses to 500 – 600 words and link them using the linking tool below.


In disgrace

In the wonderland, fairies were celebrating the festival of roses. Kathie was so excited because it was her first season, being the youngest. After this they were going to be assigned their tasks. The older fairies often tried to control her exuberance but she was young and if truth be told, a little foolish. Not is a bad way but far too impulsive for her own good.

Today was a beautiful warm spring day. The garden was full of the scent of roses in full bloom. She was gathering the best of them in a bouquet to present to their queen. As she was preparing to go inside after completing her task, she heard a little cry from one of the rose bushes. She bent down to see who or what was making that pitiful sound. And under the bush she saw the most cutest little puppy, uttering little yelp and cowering in fright. She tried to lure it in the open but the puppy was really in a bad state and wouldn’t budge. She went down on her hands and crawled under the bush. After a bit of petting and soothing the puppy came to her and very gently she took hold of it and crawled backwards from under the bush. But she forgot one important detail. Her wings! One of the wing got caught in the thorny branches of the bush and with an audible snap it broke off. Now it was Kathie who uttered a loud cry and started to cry loudly because of the immense pain in her broken wing.

Other fairies hearing her cry came at once to her. They soothed her and asked the queen fairy to help Kathie. The queen was also a great healer and she soon had helped calm Kathie and her wing was splintered and bandaged in no time. The older fairies expected Kathie to be held in disgrace as breaking of a wing was considered a serious slip-up and was punishable offense. But since the puppy belonged to the fairy queen, instead of being punished, she praised Kathie for her kindness and gave her the best duty any fairy could be assigned to; to be a play mate to the queen and her puppy!





Written in response to;

Tale Weaver 212 ; Fairytale , February 28




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