Thought Provoker’s February 27

Another question filled post from Rory, A Guy Called Bloke

Thought Provoker’s

How Much Sleep Do You Get Per Night?

What’s sleep?

4-6 Hours per night

6-8 hours per night

Other – if so – which?

I could say, What sleep? And there are nights which this I true. But then there are some days I sleep up to 7 hours. It’s my luck which decides how much sleep I get!

What Embarrasses You The Most?

Getting Caught Out


Saying Something Wrong

Don’t Get Embarrassed

I used to be embarrassed by my social/ verbal faux pas, but I have grown beyond that. I do get embarrassed sometimes but not that often. You can say that I have become a tough cookie!

Which Of The Following Behaviours Do You Find More Insulting?


Offensive Language



Other – if so – what?

Maybe all of them! It depends how I am feeling, to start with. If I can understand the reason why the person on the other side is behaving in an insulting manner, I usually can overlook it. If it is without rhyme or reason, than they should look out!

Who Do You Trust the Least?





Other – if so – who?

Let me know your

You missed a very important category! Politicians! Those I would not trust AT ALL! The rest are ok, mostly trustworthy.

If you like to answer these interesting questions, head over to A Guy Called Bloke and give your feedback.



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