Shun Hate

The most destructive emotion that we can experience in that of hate. It is mostly justified to feel acrimony and dislike towards those who have caused us harm, either physically or emotionally. But the worst damage it causes, is to our own selves. It sets off a chain reaction which has never ending consequences till this cycle goes on. There are many examples of lives wrecked by this on going and never ending cycle of hate, giving rise to crippling ramifications for all the people effected.

Bringing together the diametrically opposite sides to one point of view can be fraught with infinite number of problems but it is a cause worth taking on. I am not advocating “turning the other cheek” philosophy, ( others who believe in it may do so, no worries) but I feel that to be fair to ourselves we should shun this cycle of hate, anger, revenge and retaliation. And stop it from devouring our mental peace.

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16 thoughts on “Shun Hate

  1. I love what you said about not turning the other cheek. You can respectfully disagree with someone and give your point of view without turning it into a hate speech. As Mr. the King would say, “you can’t fight hate with hate.” Thanks for sharing Sadje!

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