What do you see February 26/2019

Hélène Vaillant has given this picture prompt for this week.

The outsider

There is a deep desire in his heart to be accepted

He stands outside looking in

The party is in full swing but he is not invited

The longing is strong and persistent

Why, he asks himself, that they won’t ask him in

To join in the fun, to feel a part of the community

How, he thinks, can the barriers be broken down

So this stigma of not belonging be taken away

The reason which eludes him is simple to understand

His color is different, his speech has an accent foreign

They are superior to him, they think

So shunning him raises no qualms

In their conscience which is dead anyway

So he stands outside, feeling like a reject

A leaper not be associated with or befriended

And his heart longs for a gesture of recognition

Written in response to;

What do you see February 26/ 2019




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