Twittering Tales #124

For this week, a familiar scene. Pillows. But there could be so many stories behind this unmade bed. Insomnia, rebellious teenagers, the heartbreak of chronic illness, a crime scene, love’s afterglow. Oh the tales these pillows could tell…if pillows could talk! Do tell. What are the pillows telling you! (in 280 characters or less of course). I’ll see you at the Roundup next week! Have fun!

Another of those nights, she wasn’t sure that she could take more of them. The memories and the guilt would strike at her mind just when she is about to drop off to sleep. Why? She hadn’t meant to it happen. It was an accident. But the subconscious would keep on reminding her.

Character Count; 278

Written in response to;

Twittering Tales # 125



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