Tell a story # 14

Tagged by Teresa, of The Haunted Wordsmith to tell the story about the picture above.

The sea was boiling, the storm raging, non-stop for the last sixteen hours. The crew was trying to keep the old ship afloat by bailing out the water which was collecting in the ships hull. Then it happened. The last straw. The large osprey landed on the half broken mast near the nightfall.

It was a sight that struck fear in most hardened sailor’s heart. It was the omen of death. There was widespread despair in the ship’s crew. The captain tried to bolster their courage but failed miserably. Maybe he knew that things were getting from bad to worse. There was an uneasy lull in the storm in the night. But morning never came. A grayness covered the sky and the sea, as far as the eye could see. The crew were casting fearful glances at the water around them. One of the men shouted for others to look at the sea. A skeleton, wearing a pirate hat was floating near the ship. Just then with a loud crack, a fork of lightning hit the ships mast and it caught fire. The sailors, almost out of their wits starting jumping into the sea to save themselves from the fire.

The burned out remains of the pirate ship were discovered days later by a passing ships crew.

Written in response to;

Tell The Story Challenge

By Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith

My Photo Prompt is;

I am not going to tag anyone for this. Anyone reading this post can write about this picture.




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