Wordle 122

1. Please

2. Cloth

3. Branch

4. Perturbation

5. Dangle

6. Folly

7. Attractancy (n)) the capacity of, especially of a pheromone, to attract)

8. Bolt

9. Treasure

10. Proceed

11. Courtyard

12. Place

The attractancy that the flowers exerted over the honey bees is remarkable. They will fly long distances, to dangle over the sweet smelling fruit, collecting nectar to make honey with. They proceed to the hives that are hanging from the highest branch of the tallest trees, to deposit this treasure in the cells of the honeycomb. Please never commit the folly of causing perturbation near the hive or you will have to bolt for the nearest shelter or take refuge in the courtyard from the attack from these angry bees. They even can sting you through the cloth, that’s how strong their sting is. And always place reliance on your common sense while dealing with these insects.

Written for;

Wordle # 122



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