Mystery History

The challenge is to write a piece of historical fiction about it. There’s a

• 150 word limit

• Try not to use the words tree & green.

• Tag 3 people to use the same genre of writing and this photo to create a post.

Mystery History

There was a village deep in the Amazon forest, hidden from the eyes of the modern world. It was not something you saw every day. The group of explores who discovered it were amazed by the sight that met their eyes. They were really puzzled by the growth of the Forrest overtaking the human dwellings, or what they assumed to be abode of humans.

They tried to discover the history of this amazing place and after a hectic search they did find out a bit about this place. It was reported in one of the accounts written by an explorer to this area more than fifty years ago. These houses were made for the priests who were responsible for the maintenance of the temple nearby. The religion these priests followed was based on the love of nature. So it was forbidden to harm and thing that grew in nature. As time passed, the followers of the religion passed away or moved to other places and the temple was abandoned. The huts remained and the forest gradually took over the whole of the structure.

The word count is slightly more than 150! 😛

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