Time To Write: Picture Prompt 26 [Creative Writing Prompt]

Write a story based on the picture above.

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Burned out candle

The little candle has almost burned itself out. Just mostly a puddle of wax, a tiny piece of wick and a small flame remained. Mark sat and stared at it. His thoughts were far away. To him this candle was a symbol of life, dwindling and burning out. It wasn’t his life that he was thinking of but that of his father’s. The man who had lived his life for his family. Working two jobs so that his mother stayed at home and took care of their four children. Now they had all grown up, well settled in their respective jobs and lives. And his father was lying in a hospital bed, battling with cancer. His life was ebbing away slowly and painfully. Mark had come to grips with the pain of losing his dad, but it had left a gaping hole in his heart. He couldn’t do anything for his dad.

Just then a nurse poked her head in the waiting room and told Mark that his father was asking for him. From her expression, Mark could sense that it was time. He went to the ICU and stood by his father’s bed. He opened his eyes and took hold of his son’s hand in his feeble grip and gave him a beautiful, content smile.” I am going home to your ma, my dear son. And I am so much at peace now” Mark could only smile back at him, tears running on his cheeks as his father breathed his last.

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