Oh Prompt me Do !!

This is something that might look like a tale of woe, inviting self pity. But it is not. It is something that I wish people knew and appreciated.

I was a couple of months short of my sixth birthday when my mother passed away. She was quite unwell before that, though she was only twenty six at the time. I never got to know the exact cause of her death. Maybe I was too young to understand death at that time and by the time I did, it became an awkward topic of conversation. Anyway, the long short of it was that I grew up without a mother.

This fact taught me to appreciate the beauty of this relationship. If someone has issues with their mother, I try to tell them how lucky they are to have their mom in their life. I told my kids that too. But I guess it’s not something that you can tell someone about. It’s all about experiencing and feeling the lack that makes us understand the importance of something.

I try to be a good mom, but sometimes I try too hard. But then I didn’t experience firsthand how a mother behaves with her kids.

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Oh, Prompt me ! Do




16 thoughts on “Oh Prompt me Do !!

  1. It’s been just over a year, but I feel Mum has been gone a lot longer than that because of dementia. I treasured the time we had together when she came up for holidays, as I did the few hours we had when we were able to visit. We only ever get one Mum. I miss mine.

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  2. It is sad, Sadie, but life lessons come in all shapes and sizes, and even the sad ones bring opportunities for wisdom. Thanks for sharing a piece of your story. Have a great week and pat yourself on the back for being a conscious mom.

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  3. We all live our normal, whatever that means. It surprises us to find our normal wasn’t how others lived. You mean other daughters weren’t raped by their fathers? Or children didn’t go to school so as not to be afraid of the threats yelled so loud you were sure everyone at school years and knew?

    If you rise above and do your best. The world is a better place for what normal threw at you.

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  4. I am sorry you lost your Mother so young, Suze was adopted at a very young age and had superb adoptive parents. When l first met her she wanted to find her birth Mother which we did in 2016, we also found her Brother who had also been adopted out. But we found her Father. Neither of her bio parents had wanted her. But her adoptive parents loved her to the heavens and back. So on that level for Suze, yes a Mother’s love is a very special bond.

    My own Mother had wanted children, and my Mother is still alive, but we do not have the normal Mother/Son friendship – and due to the very dysfunctionality of our family none of us are close anymore. looking at your comment of ‘how lucky people are to have a Mother’, yes this is true, but sadly not all relationships are brillaint. But l can appreciate everything you say.

    Nicely responded to the prompt of Impact Sadje – well done.

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    1. You are right and I have seen this too that not all families have the ideal relationship. It’s human nature to covet and idealize something that we lack. Thanks for the detailed feedback. And the reblog. I appreciate it.

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