Indoor Rock Climbing


The other day , I saw a documentary about treating mild forms of depression. The emphasis was on increasing physical activity which would give a boost to the mood by releasing endorphins. One of the techniques they used was to encourage the people who were suffering from anxiety, over thinking and milder form of depression was to engage in indoor rock climbing. This has become quite a popular form of adventure for people who don’t want to venture out in the rocky terrains. Here they can develop their skill of rock climbing under the watchful eyes of the supervisory staff.

During this activity, one has to concentrate to stay on track, keep climbing and reaching the goal, the top. This engagement of mind as well as body during these sessions resulted in taking the thoughts of the person away from the problems they were facing or the negativity effecting them. The exertion releases the feel good hormones and on reaching the top, the ecstatic euphoria washes away the depression. In the same vein, going for a brisk walk when feeling blue also helps to cheer us up. But although walking doesn’t involve the thinking part of our minds, this helps in getting the blood running through the body and mind briskly. So I guess the physical labour is good for the body as well as the mind.



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33 thoughts on “Indoor Rock Climbing

  1. I’d rather the latter than the former because my balance is not that great. We had a rock climbing wall at the gym at my college (not so long ago). I considered it, but chose to walk around the track instead. It *helps* with low level depression, but it’s far from a cure.

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      1. Sometimes… I have bipolar and I’ve been so depressed that no amount of exercise will change my mood — at all. Period. But sometimes exercise does help. Sometimes.

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