Three Things Challenge PL #8

Rob was very excited as he had just received an order for fifty T-shirts. He had just stared his business bare six months ago and it was growing in leaps and bounds. He was the first one to admit that the success of this venture rested largely on the efforts of his partner and cousin, Alberta. She was so good at marketing the product that his designs were catching on like wild fire.

And the fact of the matter was that his designs were based on the theme of the wild. He loved the jungles and the majestic creatures that dwelled there. The most recent order was of the tee shirts which carried the picture of the snow leopard. It was a beautiful design based on his own photograph. He had decided from the start that he will contribute a part of his income from the business towards the preservation of wild life in the jungles. And because of his love of all things wild, his designs were also based on it. This component of the enterprise won the hearts of many like-minded people and they were supporting his venture wholeheartedly.

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Today’s prompt: leopard, tee shirt, component

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10 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge PL #8

  1. I am curious about your process – do you plan the story with the words or do you just start writing with one in mind and organically come to the rest of the story? Does the story ever surprise you as you are writing?

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