Fear Of Commitment

Not all but most of have an inbuilt fear of commitment. There is a hesitancy and reluctance to commit oneself to a cause. We can find so many reasons for avoidance. It is always someday but not now and not today. The mind seeks the security of success, fearing failure. But the thing that we ignore is that life gives us just a finite number of chances. Then the game is up and we are left wondering, what if!

The commitment can be to a person or a course in life. What immobilizes us is that we are afraid of the future which is never guaranteed. The tomorrow may bring glorious triumph or dreaded failure. So we postpone our decisions. We look for surety and assurance in the future of our endeavors. Only the brave souls march forth and grab the future by both hands. They have no fear of failing and thus their success is almost guaranteed. Because belief and faith in their own abilities wins half the battle.

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28 thoughts on “Fear Of Commitment

    1. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. It is why I take time to think before I commit to anything. Because people expect too much and when I don’t meet their needs, I’m thrown under the bus. πŸ˜” it hurts

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    1. Thanks a lot. Sometimes all the prompt words click together and point a direction for the post. This is something I wanted to write about and today it all fell in place.


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