Oh! Prompt me, Do; Fantasy

Rory has set us a new task;

Little Gina was very talented. She had learned to read at the age where most kids were busy tearing out the pages and pictures from books. It was her mom who had first read these lovely stories to her when she was not yet born. And as a baby she would always calm down when her mom read to her. And now she was just two and a half and would read these stories to her dolls.

It was her routine to sit with her toys around her and open up the book of stories and read them aloud every evening. She would imagine that the toys were real. The stuffed toys would become real bunnies, bears and lions. That gave her story telling more meaning when she thought that someone was actually listening to her.

One day her mother was free early from her chores and decided to sit with Gina as she held her story telling session. She open the door to her room and got the shock of her life. Here was her sweet little daughter sitting and reading from her book and a bit further two real lions were listening to her stories, laying peacefully near her. Was she dreaming or was it real?

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Oh prompt me, Do; Fantasy


38 thoughts on “Oh! Prompt me, Do; Fantasy

  1. If you like fantasy, you might enjoy these tales of two mythical tribes: The Veritas (who value truth, love & cooperation) and the Cupiditas (who value power, greed, & cruelty). The story begins as the leader/shaman of the Veritas seeks an eventual replacement so she devises a series of increasingly subtle trials that mainly test empathy. https://petersironwood.com/2018/08/07/myth-of-the-veritas-the-first-ring-of-empathy/

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