Tuesday’s Thought Provoker

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke’s;Tuesday’s Thought Provoker’s

Is Social Media Ruining Genuine Friendship & Encouraging More Loneliness?

Yes, It’s Damaging Us

No, It’s another format

No Opinion

Actually, I Think

That social media is both good and bad, like a good cop bad cop rolled into one. If you use it to stay in touch with friends and family far away and in a sensible way, it is good. If the use is just for displaying a false lifestyle and generate envy among your so called “friends ” then obviously it is totally meaningless. My one bid concern is for the young generation who are so much influenced by social media sites like Facebook. That negative influence is totally undesirable.

Why Do People Bully Others?


Avoid Own Problems

Look Cool

For Fun

It’s basically a mental sickness. Maybe the underlying cause is lack of self esteem of insecurity.

Which Stigma/Taboo Is Worse?

Mental Health

Self Harm



I would love it if there was a stigma attached to bullying, but it isn’t. The tendency towards self harm or being suicidal aren’t stigmas per sé but something that needs to be avoided, by giving due consideration to mental health improvement.

Do You NEED People In Your Life? How Many People Do You Meet With & Talk

1-3 per Day

4-9 Per Day

10-17 Per Day

18+ Per Day

 It depends on the day, sometimes it’s just family and some days a lots of people when I socialize.

These are my answers. If you are interested, head to Rory’s blog and answer these questions.


16 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thought Provoker

  1. Bullying is an interesting topic. It forced me out of my shell. I was taught to stand up and defend myself and when that happened I learned a lot. Not just from my end but from the bullies ends. It was a fascinating experience.

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