Oh prompt me, do; Quote me

Rory has asked us to take on these prompts so I am doing the Quote me.

Looking at this picture, the only think that I can think of is creative imagination;

Here are my three quotes on creative imagination

Dr Seuss is a favorite of mine and this quote about creative thinking, imagination and fantasy is just right for what I want to say.

Picasso was the pioneer in many ways. The abstracts he created spoke something different to anyone looking at it.

A wonderful way to describe life, the world and imagination. Thoreau was a philosopher and believed in simplistic way. And so is this quote a simple way to describe the most complex attribute of humans, imagination.

I hope I got this right.

If you are interested in attempting the prompt me, do challenges, heard over to Rory’s blog and find what works best for you.


18 thoughts on “Oh prompt me, do; Quote me

      1. Panic not Sadje you did great.

        You also outlined to me a small flaw l have this end, but l can rectify that very shortly.

        The post you directed to is on a current state of reblog, meaning that any links directed to it are instatnly broken the moment they are posted.

        So l will put in a redirection link to the Site page for the Prompt box πŸ™‚

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