BrewNSpew Café February 18/2019

Word/expression of the week – finicky – (adjective) – fussy about one’s needs or requirements. Showing or requiring great attention to detail. Synonyms – overcritical, difficult, awkward, exacting, demanding, perfectionist.

Thank you, but no thank you!

The title finicky is awarded mostly to people who are particular about what they want in life. Be it their personal space, their food or apparel or the way others should behave, as per their point of view.

I have known a few of these people. Most are old people, who for some reason become fixed in their ideas. They will reject the food specially prepared for them because it is a micro millimeter away from their perception of how it should look and taste. The same principles are usually applied to their other requirements in life. This problem can be a form of OCD or can be just a desire to be a non-conformist. Or it could be a desire to seem important.

The most significant aspect of this finicky attitude that these people overlook is the amount of extra work they create for themselves or their care givers. They are hard to please and become un-popular among their immediate circle. Then there is the resentment that they generate. The question that begs to be asked is, is it worth it?

If you are one of the finicky one, please ask this question from yourself. And try to lower your standards of perfection for others and yourself too. So next time you reject something on the basis that it doesn’t meet your requirements a hundred percent, look at the effort that went into making or procuring it and pause a few moments before you reject it with a , thank you but no thank you!

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16 thoughts on “BrewNSpew Café February 18/2019

  1. Seems some people go too far with their finicky ideas and ways. Perhaps, it’s due to insecurties or unhappiness. Being a perfectionist may not always be perfect. Nice post, Sadje, and thank you for joining in.

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