Time to write; Love and Hate [Creative Writing Prompt ]

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Write a story based on the prompt above.

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There is a love and hate relationship between me and coffee! I love coffee, anytime anywhere but the coffee does not loves me back. It makes my heart go super fast. It keeps me up at night and on some days it can give me heartburn too. So I can say that though I love my cup of cappuccino, it hates me.

So today my story is about the coffee that I love.

Lily had agreed to meet Henry at the coffee shop near their office. They had been dating secretly for a while now. They worked together and had felt attracted to each other when they first met, but the office policy was not in favor of the colleagues having a romantic relationship so they met on the sly. But she had had enough of these clandestine meetings. She wanted to sort things out so they had agreed to meet today after work, here.

Lily was early, so she got her latté and sat at a table and waited for Henry. She waited and waited, but he didn’t show up. At last losing hope of him coming, she rose to leave. At the entrance of the coffee shop she passed a group of people, side stepping to avoid them. As she turned towards the door, a man crashed into her with considerable force. She was almost knocked off her feet when he grabbed hold of her arm, stopping her from falling down.

He was so embarrassed and full of apologies that an involuntary smile came to her face and she said that she was alright and no damage was done. But, he insisted on buying her a coffee to atone for his clumsiness. Lily told him that she already had a large coffee and was now planning to go home. He offered to walk her to her place. Lily thought that it might make him think that she was still upset with him if she refused his offer, so she accepted and they walked out together.

His name was Tom, and like her he was an sales executive. They had a pleasant walk towards her home, chatting and not even noticing that they had walked for half an hour.

At the door of her apartment, they parted after exchanging their cell numbers. When he had left, Lily suddenly thought of Henry and wondered what had become of him. Well I guess he is not that committed to me after all, she thought to herself. Smiling at a few of things Tom had said. She felt no regrets about Henry.

Written in response to;

Time to write [ Creative Writing Prompt]

Love and hate


26 thoughts on “Time to write; Love and Hate [Creative Writing Prompt ]

  1. Oh my gosh! This spoke to me. I recently gave up coffee because apparently my little heart just can’t handle it anymore. I had like three days in a row where I felt super anxious and thought I would pass out. I’ve been drinking coffee for years and we had a love love relationship but unfortunately it is now love hate and I’ve had to give it up. I just thought it was humorous to have come across this post just days after giving it up for those reasons. I went to Starbucks the other day and got a cinnamon cream steamed milk lol. I felt silly but hey it was actually not that bad. You write well by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot. I love coffee so much that despite everything, I do have one cup a day of regular coffee. The rest of the day, it’s decaf. I understand the urge totally. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your feedback.


    1. You can chick on the blue highlighted link and follow the blog. Most prompts are for a week. But it’s not a competition so you can get your inspiration from it and write whenever you want.


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