Spoiled for choice

Getting a box of chocolate on the V Day, from your spouse or significant other is good. Getting many, not from various love interests ( that would be awkward) but from kids and other close family members, makes for a variety of deliciousness, where you are spoiled for choice. This over abundance usually results in overindulgence that can make the next few day uncomfortable, to say the least. We can have side effects from consuming too many chocolates. The most difficult one that I usually face, aside from weight gain, is hyperactive brain. The alkaloids in the chocolates increase the excitability of both the brain and the heart. So chocolates in small quantities are good for mood elevation, their consumption in larger amount leads to issues. You might even end up having a root canal treatment for your teeth. I am just saying that in my humble opinion you should hide away the boxes of these delicious goodies and ration them to a couple of candies a day. If you are a wise person. But! If you are a greedy little kid at heart like me, then eat in haste and repent in painful, regretful leisure!!!

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