Tale Weaver #210; Using A Quote February 14


Today Micheal has given us this Quote as a prompt

“The circle of an empty day is brutal and at night it tightens around your neck like a noose.

Elena Ferrante – The Days of Abandonment

This week I am using the above quote from Elena Ferrante’s novel “The Days of Abandonment” as a stimulus for your writing.

Go where the quote leads you and please link your responses using the linking tool below.

In an empty home, the aura is not comfortable at all. He would just go there to sleep and spend all the free time after work, away from it. Hanging with friends in the pub or catching a movie or a match. Anything was preferable to going to that empty home. He went there to sleep. He needed a place to rest his weary body at night but if the loneliness and the empty feeling was a pain during the day, at night, all by himself this would suffocate him.

He probably deserved where he was at this stage in life. It was all on his head. He lived his life in a selfish manner. He neglected his wife and kids to the extent that she walked out of his life take both the daughters with her. And now he wasn’t even able to visit his girls on a regular basis. And all that for what?

The high paying job, the perks and an elevated social position in the society, all meant nothing without anyone to share them with.

Written in response to;

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