What do you see February 12/2019

The maze that is modern technology

Has me wandering in useless circles

Trying to find my way out of this puzzle

Going one and than the other finding

The exit or the entrance are both hidden

Can someone show me the way out

Or is it that I want to get into it

Are you tech savvy and can handle

All the traps laid for the unwary

Bravely going where I cannot go

Just standing outside and wistfully

Peeping in, the maze of technology

Written in response to;

What do you see February 12/2019

Prompt by; Hélène Valiant




20 thoughts on “What do you see February 12/2019

  1. In Canada where we live, all I see is snow and more snow on the way. Technology and specifically social media can suck the life out of you. It has its place, but so subtle is it’s addictiveness. More and more I’m coming to the conclusion that social media and myself are heading for a confrontation.

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