Tell The Story Challenge # 13

Tagged by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith to tell a story about the picture above.

Sally was an illustrator of children’s books. She loved to read the stories that were sent to her for illustrations and then she would visualize the world where that story was taking place and draw or paint the picture. It was a satisfying occupation. She knew that very few people noted the name of the illustrator in the credits and this line of work would not make her famous or rich, but she was happy with her chosen field.

Her latest project was from a new author. He wanted her to paint a picture depicting a light house at the edge of a village near the sea. On a whim, Sally added a rainbow to her picture. When she sent the copy of the painting to the author, he wasn’t pleased about the painting at all. They had a bit of discussion and Sally agreed to make another painting according to very specific requirements of the author.

The painting with the rainbow was left hidden under an old cloth, in the attic. A few years later she suffered a fall and had to be treated in a nursing home as her family lived away from her. The lady her family hired to look after Sally’s cottage discovered the old painting hidden in attic and was very taken with it. She mentioned it to Sally’s brother Mark when he was visiting his sister in the nursing home. Mark’s interest was piqued and he came to Sally’s house to see the painting. It really was a very nice piece of art. With Sally’s permission he showed it to an art gallery owner, who agreed to get a quote for it.

Sally came back home, she was greeted by the very heartening news that not only her painting had sold for a tidy sum of two thousand dollars, but the gallery had commissioned her to do more paintings for them on a similar theme.

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Hope that you find time and inspiration to write a story about this prompt.



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