Something different

She wanted to pay a tribute to the one person who had played the most vital role in her success in her life. A party she thought, but then he may not have time to attend. He may be busy or simply out of the town. Then she thought that she would write a poem in appreciation of his greatness and the generosity with which he had helped her. After all it was all due to his guidance that she was a successful author today. She still recalled how he used to correct her when she initially started to write, telling her how to be more precise and more effective in her expression. A poem, with an innovative format, would be a good idea. Pondering on this she spend a couple of weeks and then she remembered that he was no fan of public adulation. He in fact was a retiring and shy person who wouldn’t want such a public show of admiration from her.

In the end she had the perfect idea. She traveled back to her home town, with a car full of all the books that she thought would be useful in this mission of her’s. And here he was. Sitting in that run-down old village school. The students sitting in front of him on makeshifts seats. All eyes glued towards the man, now in his late sixties, teaching them how to write, how to read to understand and how to create something beautiful from words that they were learning. She told him about the books she had brought for the school he was running and was rewarded by a very warm and grateful smile.

The perfect tribute to the best teacher in the world, she thought.

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