Fandango Provocative Question #14

Fandango has asked another of his provocative questions:

“Do you believe that anyone can really experience anything objectively? Why or why not?”

Do you remember Data, from Star Trek, The next generation? He might have been able to experience everything and anything objectively, because he was not human.

But we, The humans, see feel and experience all things subjectively. Why?

Because everything The we see, hear, feel, touch or taste is processed by our minds. This processing involves all the previously stored knowledge about that sensory stimuli in our minds. After the processing, we conclude what that stimulation is. So every input is assessed by what we already know about that particular sensation. And due to that fact we can’t be objective. We are always subjective in our analysis of any experience.

A picture shown to many people can elicit different responses. A food tasted can have different reactions. And so on and so forth. I think that is the reason, psychiatrist show the abstract drawing to people, inviting them to recognize the object in the drawing, to form an opinion about the thought process and mental health of that person.

And this is the beauty of life for human beings. We can see what we want in a given set of circumstances. The will and imagination are the wings which give us flight.

If you want to answer this question by Fandango, head over to the link below and share your thoughts.

FPQ #14




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