Have you ever considered?

Rory, an inquisitive Guy or Bloke has asked;

Have you ever considered … the impact you have on people?

So do you think you do and can and if so, is that important to you?

Once you have answered that, tell me how you think your blog does impact upon your readership and what purpose that serves?

Then tell me, do you think having an impact is an integral part to blogging?

I am going to answer all your questions in one go. People blog for different reasons and so are looking for different things that give them satisfaction in their efforts. I write my blog because I have something to say. That something can be something that what I am feeling or it can be a short story, a poem or a funny post in response to a prompt. As far as the question of having an impact on others, I sure can not answer that, the readers can.

But if what I write has an impact on some or any of the people who are reading my blog, I would want it to a positive impact. I would love to feel that something I wrote has helped someone with an issue or problem they were facing. Or maybe it brought a smile to their face or entertained them.

When I started to write my blog, as I said in my tag line that I had planned to address the issues and problems facing women over the age of fifty and my other area of interest, diet and health. I do write on these occasionally, but I also write on other topics. So having an effect on others would be a natural desire on my part. As I said I really cannot say if the readers are gaining anything positive from my blog but as far as I can see, reading something is bound to have an effect on the person reading it. We are after all shaped by what we see, read and experience in life.

Written in response to the questions from;

Rory A Guy Called Bloke


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