Writing Prompt #6

When it comes to soul mates I think that got very lucky. Very early on, I discovered that me and my hubby are tuned in to each other’s tastes very finely. Our views on most important aspects of life match. Our choices in music, books and food are very similar. The chemistry was ever-present too.

Now that it’s been more than 33 years since our marriage, we have matured in different ways. The likes and dislikes have changed too. In some aspects we are still the same people but in some we are very different from what we were in our twenties.

So is the marriage a happy one? Yes definitely. Is it a happily ever after? No, not exactly. As with all things in life, we had to work on the areas of our marriage which were not harmonious. As we are two people, not one, so there are points of difference.

Now, I have moved on to new things in my choice of music and literature and he likes things from his younger days. I am , or trying to follow a perpetual diet plan and he has no discipline to keep to a specific plan. And there are many things in our lives that we now differ on. But the basic love, appreciation and emotional attachment hasn’t changed with time.

So I would say that when it comes to soul mates, I am very lucky! Touch wood.🀞

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Writing Prompt #6

By Sarah Elizabeth Moor


26 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #6

  1. I have a very different story. I married someone who I had very little in common with. Once the passion wore off, the differences became more apparent. We grew in very different directions in every way. I think I grew up and she grew distant. Fortunately our kids survived it

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  2. “The value of things is not the time they last, but the intensity with which they occur. That is why there are unforgettable moments and unique people!”

    ― Fernando Pessoa

    Wish you happiness, love and respect for EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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