Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles February 10/2019

Self destruction

How unfortunate to be the cause of my own death

Killed by my own folly, hoisted by my own petard

There is no one else to be blamed but my own self

I exploited the treasures given to me by the nature

A generosity that was taken without gratitude and

Used and misused ruthlessly for my selfish reasons

And that there was no need to bite the hand that

Had fed me and mine, all those had preceded me

The greed has now brought me here where I have

To pay back the debt that I owe with my own blood

I have to give the precious life giving liquid back

To the mother which has nurtured the life for eons

The devil is here to collect the dues and it’s time

Written for;

Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles February 10/2019


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