Sunday Writing Prompt: 2/10/19 Every Day Objects

Today I invite you to write a story where an ordinary, everyday object plays a significant role. It could be the umbrella you used to fend off a mugger, a stuffed bear in whom you confide all your secrets, a towel used as a cape in a child’s game that transforms him or her into a super hero. Whatever you like!


The keeper of secrets


There is a flower-pot sitting next to our main door. It has the honor of being our gate-keeper and the secret place where we used to keep the spare key to the main door. Too obvious a place, you would say. Well yes but as anyone who tries to hide something in a place which they would remember, knows that the obvious is the most usual choice. And the burglars and the house breakers also know it.

So this was the situation a couple of years ago, when there arose a need to use the spare key , hidden under the flower-pot. When the pot was lifted, and since it is a big pot, it was very heavy, there was no key to be found there. Panic and alarm spread among all the adults of the family, namely, me ,my husband and my grownup son. Nobody could remember when the key was seen last and obviously no one admitted to misplacing or losing the key! It was a quandary. The heavy pot was moved entirely from its resting place but no trace of the errant key.

A couple of days passed in the worry, as we all felt unsafe and it was decided to replace the front door lock. Now this was a special sort of lock, and also an older model. So we had to order it online and had to wait for a fortnight for its arrival and installation. In the intervening days, special care was taken not to leave the house un-attended, as some unknown person had the key to its main door. When the new lock was installed we decided to get a couple of copies made of the key and now all of us had our own key. So the need to keep the spare key under the flower-pot was eliminated.

And guess what? The spare key was found the day after we had everything sorted out. Where you may ask. The guy who tends to the garden for us had found it a few weeks ago and thinking that it’s an old lost key, had hung it in the garden shed!

Is that Murphy’s law or what!

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Sunday Writing Prompt: Every Day Objects



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