Time to write; Set the scene #13[ Creative Writing Prompt ]

Write a story based in the setting above.

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Joe was super excited. He had won a trip on a luxury cruise ship. It was fate, that was his firm opinion. He had never won anything before in his life. And out of blue, he had won this trip. And he wasn’t even sure how he had put his name in the contest for this ticket. Maybe his friend had convinced him to enter his name, but he couldn’t remember very well how it had happened. But , no worries! He was going in a weeks time. And the win included another ticket for someone he wanted to bring along. He asked his friend, John to come with him. Both were studying in the same college, but were friends since kindergarten.

On that day, both friends boarded the ship a little before the departure time to get settled in. It was a novel experience for them both. John had some sailing experience in smaller boats but to Joe, it was all new. In fact he was told to be extra careful as he didn’t knew how to swim. It was something he had to tell the hear purser when checking in.

The ship was to sail around the neighboring islands and complete the round trip in ten days. They were enjoying themselves tremendously until that fateful day. The storm clouds had gathered since morning and by afternoon it was raining quite heavily. John asked Joe, if he would like to see the rain closely from the main deck and on his agreeing, they both went out and watched as the water from the darkened sky fell into the fierce sea below. It was a truly awesome scene. Gradually, John moved towards the railings of the deck. Joe was not so sure about the move but he didn’t want to give his friend the excuse to roast him, so he went with him and they stood at the end of main deck, looking at the sea below and getting drenched in the pouring rain. There wasn’t anybody around but them. Suddenly Joe felt a powerful push at his back and went overboard into the sea. He couldn’t swim and drowned in the mighty waves of the sea. John stood passively seeing his friend drown. When he couldn’t see any sign of him, John let out a hue and cry, alerting the ship’s crew about the man overboard.

After an exhaustive search, they declared Joe as missing, presumed drowned. He had planned this all along, tricking his friend into believing that he had won the trip in a contest which he had secretly arranged. This was the only way he could get rid of Joe. He was in love with the girl who was Joe’s girlfriend and his jealousy had driven him to murder him.

There was an investigation into the whole incident where John maintained that Joe was leaning against the rail and overbalanced and fell in the sea. What he hadn’t reckoned with were the close circuit monitors on the ship’s deck, which had recorded everything.

Written in response to;

Creative Writing Prompt #13

Set the scene

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