Three Things Challenge 2019 #39

He was raised by his Nana after his parents passed away in a car crash when he was a mere five years old. She was in her fifties then. As he grew up, she aged and now when he turned twenty five, got his first regular job, Nana was in her seventies. They had their ups and downs over the years, as he would have had with his parents if they were alive. But now he realized the enormous sacrifice she made when she took up the responsibility of raising a small grieving child. He now wanted to make up to her for all that she had given up to be both a mother and father to him. She didn’t even had time to grieve for the loss of her only son and daughter in law, being so occupied consoling him.

He had promised himself that he will get a new house for his Nana when he started earning and today was the day. He had arranged to collect the keys of the new two bedroom house, in the suburbs and drive her there to give her a surprise. He entered the old decrepit cottage that was their home for a lot of years now. Nana was in the backyard, hanging the freshly laundered sheets on the laundry line. He convinced her to leave her chore at home a come for a drive with him.

When they stopped in front of their new home, her joy knew no bonds. With hand that were shaky with excitement, he opened the front door to welcome her into her new house. Nana was crying tears of happiness and pride when she went around the smartly decorated house. ” My dear Nick, I am so proud of you, as I am sure your parents would have been were they alive today”

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shaky, Nana, laundry line



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