Three Things Challenge #38

The ice was sparkling in the sunlight. But it spelled disaster for Susan as she rode on her bike because she didn’t notice the thin layer coating the road surface. As she turned on the side road, leading to her school, the bike slipped and both she and the bike fell with a crash. Her spectacles went flying into the grassy strip along the road. She got up and assessed the damage. The bike seem to be intact. She looked at her bloody hands and thought that they weren’t hurt that badly, just grazed by their collision with the road surface. The problem were the lost spectacles. She hunted around for them, but since she was nearsighted, she couldn’t see the glasses which were hidden in the grass at the side.

In desperation, she took out her cell phone and called her mom. Her mom arrived in about ten minutes and had brought her spare pair of spectacles. And then they both looked in the side of the road for the lost pair. After a lot of futile effort, they abandoned the search and Susan’s mom dropped her off to school, putting the bike in the back of her car.

A hobo passing by that spot , saw something glinting in the light, and discovered a funky, stylish pair of glasses in the grass.

Written for;


ice, bloody, spectacles



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