Tell the story Challenge #11

A lock on the door of the cottage indicated that the Snow White and the seven dwarves were away from home. But what should the UPS guy do? The parcel was addressed to Ms White and required a signature before being handed over. He crossed the street and knocked on the castle of the famous Evil Witch/ Evil Step Mother. Ms Evil had no idea of Snow’s whereabouts. Or she said so. The UPS Guy was not convinced that she was not aware of the movements of Snow. After all everyone knew that she had the magic mirror and could look up Ms White anytime she wanted. So he insisted that she should find out. The Evil Queen was very annoyed by this demand and told him that since everyone had cell phones now, Snow preferred not to be spied upon by the magical mirror, but if need be, she should be gotten in touch by her mobile phone. The poor guy, trying to follow the conversation asked for the cell number of Snow and called her on the phone.

The only message he got was that “All networks were down due to heavy snowfall!”

Written in response to Photo Prompt by;

SanaH of A pause for the nature

My prompt is;

I will tag:


Crushed Caramel

Kristian of the Tales from the mind of Kristian



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