Tell a story challenge #12

I was tagged by Melanie of Sparks from a Combustible mind to tell a story about this picture.

The gentle summer breeze in the field blew the dandelion seeds in all directions. The child playing in the long grass reached out it’s chubby hand trying to hold them in his star fish like hands. With a delighted squeal, he caught one and showed it to his mom. She caught the little hand in her own and gave the sweet boy a smile full of love and understanding.

“I also loved to chase after these when I was a kid” she told him. “Remember to hold them gently so that they don’t get crushed. We want them to grow into new plants next year”

Will this field be here when he grows up, she was thinking as they both headed home. As charming as tradition is, time changes a lot of things.

Written for;

Tell a story Challenge #12

Photo prompt by Melanie.

My prompt;

I am tagging;

Tanya of SaltedCaramel

Paula of Light Motifs

Msjadeli of Tao-Talk

If you accept, write anything that comes to your mind regarding this picture.



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