Whitewashing the crime

Crying in the dark, staring at the walls

That have held the spirit confined

In puzzlement and anger the mind

Fights the chains of captivity and restrain

It’s will is mettlesome and full of vigor

But the bonds are made of a tensile strength

That no measure of force seems to weaken

The toxic air is difficult to inhale, burning

The lungs, hurting the very existence that

Begs to be free, that longs to breathe

How will they whitewash all this cruelty

How is it ever going to be justified by them

Or will they bury the body, killing it by

The silver bullet, hiding the evidence

Under the layers of deceit and the cunning

Which is the hallmark of the oppressors

All through the history, all through the time!

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cry, dark, silver bullet





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