Tell the story challenge #10

As she emerged from the darkness, the aura of light surrounded her form, getting stronger and stronger. People called her the queen of the dark, little did they knew how she was the one who brought light in the inky sky. The projection of her light was in the night sky, the twinkling stars.

Tonight her mission was to bring the lost child safe to her home. She stood in the gloom, the way started to illuminate and soon a brightness started to emit from her fingers that she held skywards. The little child, a girl saw the bright light and was drawn towards it. In her fascination she stopped crying and step by tentative step she climbed the small hill, where she could see the queen standing. As she neared, she was enfolded in a warm embrace, that made all the fear melt in her little heart. A feeling of joy bubbled inside of her. Don’t be afraid little one, I am going to lead you to your loved ones, said the queen. And together they floated down to the village dwelling, where the child’s family were all gathered. They had lost all hope of finding the child as they had searched everywhere for her.

A shout of joy and babble of happiness was heard in the now fading light, as the girl was re-united with her family.

Written in response to;

Tell the story Challenge

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