What is generosity?

People usually equate generosity with being generous with money. But there are so many ways one can be generous.

Being generous is a way of thinking, of behaving and a code of conduct. A generous person is not tight fisted with money, but that person will be open hearted in many other ways. To my way of thinking, generosity can be of many kinds;

1. Monetary generosity:

These people are very giving and open-hearted where money is concerned. They would help out family, friends and strangers. They are always donating money to charities and are also doing voluntary work to promote their favorite charity.

2. Being generous with time and effort:

Doing social work, collecting donations and giving time to other efforts which help the community are great acts of generosity. People who themselves are giving money, often inspire others with their zeal and words towards donating money. These people would be the first ones to offer their help in organizing events for fund-raising and charity galas. They are always ready to do what they can to help the community.

3. Generous minded people:

These are the truly generous people as they have a big heart. They accept others as they are. Forgiving a fault and not letting it come in the way of a relationship is a sign of a very open-minded person. I think that being generous-minded is a great asset and a great gift. If you can accept people as they are, without trying to change them, you are a generous-minded person. And forgiveness is the best form of generosity that I can perceive. Forgiving requires a lot of effort and only a generous person can forgive another without conditions and without keeping a grudge.

Be generous-minded, open-hearted and accepting person. That is the best kind!

How do you practice generosity?

Waiting for your feedback and comments.



19 thoughts on “Generosity

  1. I have grown wary of people who are generous with money. Invariably they are men, and they will call in their accounts at some point. I have seen it repeatedly. No thanks, I’ll just pay my own way or decline things over my budget.

    I used to be more generous with time and emotions but this turned out to be unfulfilling in many cases, so now I’m more careful with budgeting these gifts. I look for reciprocity.

    I do accept people how they are, including toxic people. To me, that just means I keep away from them, not try to change them or delude myself into thinking they can’t hurt me.

    This was a really good post. 💖

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  2. I love this Sadje. Sometimes I feel like I’m generous to the wrong people. They act like I’m trying to insert myself in their life in some way. What is it about true generosity that puts people on guard? Maybe because they think I will expect something in return? I prefer to help people I don’t know as well, so maybe that’s what it is. When I help people I know well, they act like it’s too little for them or I should have done it sooner. Maybe I need new friends. LOL

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