How we stand!

History is not good at remembering people. Many names have been overwritten as one generation has moved on and another takes its place. We are so sure of our own importance that we are sure that our presence is necessary to make things run smoothly. But unfortunately for us, this machine hums along, the cogwheels turning, irrespective of who is here and who has departed this world. But do we think, do we realize that we are insignificant in the larger scheme of things. Our ego is too big to take a hint. Even if universe shouted at the top of its voice, or even in a megaphone, and we will still ignore it! So what should we do to be remembered? There are so many options. See the endless possibilities and select the path which leads to the zenith and walk on it. History may not remember us, but we will leave a kind impression in someone’s heart.

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2 thoughts on “How we stand!

  1. I remember an old saying that the importance a person creates in life is the “dash”. The “dash” represents how a person impacted his life and other lives between the birth date and death date.

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