How important is your blog to you?

Rory has asked

How Important Is Your Blog To You?

He wants to know;

I shall ask this question like this to be more exact – how important is your blog, your blogging and your writing/expressing yourself to you?

As Rory has admitted to being a gamer, so have I in my post, My secret Addiction. But my gaming addiction was of a tamer nature. I was in love with games like Nemo’s Reef, and Ice Age . They were the relaxing kind of games. You built up the community and get new fish/ animals. So there was no violence or armies to defeat. But nonetheless, these were pretty addicting games and I would spend a lot of time ( and money) on them. And it did make me addicted to spending a lot of time on my phone. Well, long story short, I gave up playing my games and shifted to solitaire type, card games. A few games a day and I was done.

Then about five months ago I started my blog. To say that it has replaced the gaming addiction wont be strictly true. Because in writing I am thinking and being creative. That feeling is not present while playing a game. Moreover, the positive stimulation to my mind has helped me feel more relaxed and satisfied. I feel that I am accomplishing something good by my writing. The positive role that my writing, and expression of my thoughts, is playing in my life is very important to me. I feel more fulfilled, and confident. My writing skills are improving and so is my confidence and courage. I do take up new challenges without feeling that I won’t be able to accomplish them.

Perhaps what I want to say is that if you look at the time I spent on my iPad, phone or laptop may be the same or even more than that I used to spend on playing games on these devices, I was not experiencing any personal growth while doing that. Whereas, while blogging, I feel that I am getting a boost personally. I am getting rid of my negativity and am usually in a positive frame of mind. People often tell you that writing is cathartic, and so it is. And reading what other bloggers are writing helps you tremendously in your thinking. I get entertained by very well written stories and poems here. There are life lessons share by very profound thinkers and the best of all is the shared stories and feelings that gives a very powerful boost to one’s morale. And then there are the smiles and funny anecdotes which make me laugh out loud. Such a source of enjoyment.

So while I can say that for me, personally, blogging is very important, I can also say that the people who I interact with in blogging world are also very important to me!

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14 thoughts on “How important is your blog to you?

  1. Nicely expressed Sadje – l will always be a gamer, but l just need a lot of mental stimulation, and so gaming, music, thinking, writing and reading. The blog keeps me fairly tied up, and l accept that – l need out time and down time, as sometimes too much of one thing boggles my brain, which is where gaming steps in, as it helps me relax my mind by allowing me to switch off thinking and just perform something a little more mathematical in the case of say my auctions – because they need forward calculation thoughts, and whilst l am gaming it also serves me to think up and invent new ideas, so l am never really switched off.

    But thank you for your answers here in this post as this helps me nicely with this particular series.

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  2. This is spot on. I find that I’m much happier and healthier when I am able to blog every day, even if it’s for a short time. I’ve had periods of time since I started when it was simply not possible and after a few days away my brain would get jumbled. So glad you’re enjoying it, too!


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