BrewNSpew Café February 4th 2019

Word/expression of the week – empty – (adjective) – containing nothing; not filled or occupied. Synonyms – vacant, unoccupied, uninhabited, clear, free, bare, desolate, deserted, abandoned.

Empty Mind

The mind is empty devoid of all thoughts

Just a bug of an idea going around in circles

Lacking in all initiative and drive,

Here I sit wondering what could it mean

That nothing is germinating

Nothing is growing in this barren brain

Or have the ideas all gone to sleep

As the imagination has died a early death

The technology and too much information

Has blocked the road that led to creation

Of beauty and rhyme

Binding word to say

In ways that would

Mean more than prose

What my heart wants to convey in earnest

Written in response to;


BrewNSpew Café



14 thoughts on “BrewNSpew Café February 4th 2019

  1. I had images of the big bang of the universe in reading this, except the explosion was in your mind and creating ideas rather than matter. It reads as if there is so much going on in your mind, it’s hard to decide what idea to pursue…… too much technology and information. Enjoyed this Sadje.

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